Form 5500 Electronic Filing Instructions

Beginning with Plan Year 2009, the plan sponsor will no longer receive a paper copy of IRS Form 5500 and its attachments. Instead it will be mandatory that all returns be filed electronically. The only exceptions to this new requirement are one person plans. One person companies will continue to receive a paper copy Form 5500-EZ.

Form 5500 Electronic Filing Instructions

In order to properly complete the Form 5500 electronic filing, it must be signed by an authorized plan sponsor representative to be an accepted filing. In order to do this you must follow these steps:

    1. Log onto the Department of Labor website at
    2. Click "Register" and follow the process instructions.  You must register and obtain signing credentials including a User ID and PIN.  You can do this anytime after January 1, 2010.
    3. Once we have notified you, via email, that your return is complete, you must log on, approve AND electronically sign the return.  At that time the Department of Labor will tell you if your return has been accepted.
    4. You should make a copy of your electronically filed return and the acknowledgement that your return has been accepted.  Place both documents behind the Form 5500 tab in your PPA Administrative Notebook.
Your return is due seven (7) months after the end of your plan year.  For plan years that end on December 31 your return is due July 31st.  We will still have the ability to obtain a two and a half month extension if necessary.

If the above process sounds complicated and challenging, then let PPA file the Form 5500 on your behalf.  With the Plan Sponsor's signature, your PPA Administrator will file the 5500 for you, saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourself. Contact your Plan Administrator for details. 

Please contact the office with any questions regarding this important requirement.