Investment Partners


Since PPA is not in the investment business, we are always looking for good partners that have the same client service goals and philosophies as PPA.  For new clients, many of the questions involve administrative issues.  Our job is to explain what our clients can, cannot, and should do regarding their retirement plans.  However, we rely on our investment advisor partners to provide the client with options for the custodial investing of the retirement funds based on the best fit.  When faced with a competitive situation and we are able to collaborate with a trusted investment advisor, we have a "high batting average" in closing the sale.

Featured article: "How An Investment Advisor Can Lose Retirement Plan Clients Without Really Trying"  -  December 2010     |     by Ary Rosenbaum, Esq.


PPA takes pride in conducting a first-class employee meeting.  Great care is taken to explain exactly how plan rules operate so participants feel comfortable and informed about their decision to participate in the Plan.  We equally appreciate when the investment advisor partners participate in these meetings with us and provide the participant with down-to-earth information on the investment choices with the promise to remain engaged with the client in the challenging process of investing.


Mining For Prospects

Investment Advisor Education

Please take the opportunity to review our investment advisor PowerPoint seminar 401(k) Plans - MINING FOR PROSPECTS.  This presentation offers insight on the various aspects of the 401(k) plan setup and operations process including:

  • The role of the Investment Advisor
  • The role of the Third Party Administrator
  • The Basics of 401(k) Plans
  • Fact Patterns for Identifying Prospects
  • Process for Conducting the Initial Client Meeting
  • When to Bring in the TPA
  • The Employee Meeting
  • Fee Disclosure Regulations

Please contact Steve Rapkoch (, Matt Weber (, Dave Kasperson ( or Nina Monaghan ( with any questions or to meet to discuss how we can work together.  We look forward to the opportunity to support you.