Plan Design and Administration

Flexible Design and Legal Expertise

Panagiotu Pension Advisors (PPA) is the premier retirement plan administration firm in Western Washington.  PPA is staffed by 44 highly trained professionals including a full time legal department that specializes in ERISA law.  PPA offers unmatched expertise in the retirement plan design and administrative services marketplace.  Tony Panagiotu, President of PPA, is both an attorney and a C.P.A.  Tony has practiced as an ERISA attorney since 1986. 

PPA utilizes the prototype document system for drafting typical plan designs.  However, PPA also has the ability to draft custom documents, thus creating the flexibility to pinpoint the client's needs and objectives. 

Administrative Process

The annual plan administration process starts prior to the Plan's year-end date.  We pay early attention to details so that employers and participants can plan accordingly.  For many plans we perform preliminary 401(k) discrimination tests to ensure that the highly compensated employees of each client have the opportunity to maximize their contributions.  We also check to make sure that contributions are not overfunded to prevent participants from having to take money back.  Our administrators customize the annual report accounting and provide each participant a year end statement personalized with their account balance.  In addition, we continue to upgrade our technology in order to leverage advances in investment platforms and reporting methods to better serve our clients.


Unlike most administrative firms, PPA looks at each plan and its unique attributes to determine what to charge for our services.  Fees are based on the time it takes to administer each plan on an annual basis.  Once fees are determined, the estimate is communicated to the client.  We can customize billing on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis per the client's preference.

Fees are affected by the complexity of the administration process.  For example, some plans may have multiple self-directed accounts where participants buy individual stocks and bonds, etc., while other plans may use an investment platform where investors use a mutual fund money manager to act on their behalf.  Other plans may require large numbers of loans or hardship distributions taking additional administrative time.  No matter the complexity PPA will always do everything it can to provide you with the best value for your administration cost.